Energetic Coaching with the Yuen Method™

The Yuen Method™ is a coaching system which allows to detect blockages in the client's energy field. Pain or difficulties in any area of life show that our energy flow is disrupted. The transformation work with the Yuen Method™ is conducted in an non-contact manner, often by telephone. The coach identifies mentally the client´s energetic weaknesses. Once the client´s energy field is strengthened , the self-healing process begins. Experience for yourself in a coaching session how you can dissolve your blockages and to reach your personal goals.

legal notice: My coaching work with the Yuen Method™ is not intended as a replacement for any medical / health practitioner consultation or treatment. Due to the legal situation in Germany I am not allowed to make a medical / naturopath diagnosis neither to give any healing promise. My coaching should not lead to the interruption of the above-mentioned treatments.